It can be hard to find a skilled director with a strong vision & evocative visual aesthetic.

It can also be hard to find an accomplished editor with a strong sense of pacing & rhythm.

It can be even harder to find a talented hand at both.

Andy Fernandez is such a rare breed. He's evocative and extremely adept behind a camera as well as behind a computer.  Over the past ten years, he has established himself as one of the foremost Final Cut Pro editors in Sydney with the help of a sharp intellect and a keen sense of humour. He has also directed content for some of the biggest names in the industry and his work is emotive and visually striking with a beautiful, lyrical pacing.

But these skills feed off each other, inform each other, which is what makes Andy's work so much more interesting and unique. His skills as an editor inform his shot decisions as a director, helping him to visualise blocking and create beautiful sequences long before they have seen the inside of an edit room. His understanding of the finer points of direction and production allow him to  create an almost magical sense of rhythm and pacing during an edit, elevating his work to a highly emotional level for the viewer.

As a full member of both the Australian Directors Guild and the Australian Screen Editors Guild, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the Australian film and music scenes. His work has been nominated at the International Film Festival England and the ATOMTV Awards as well as  featured in New Zealand Ad Magazine, to name a few.

Marrying an old world, dreamy visual aesthetic with cutting edge digital editing and visual techniques, Andy Fernandez creates a highly evolved, nostalgic visual landscape that is charged with an emotional yearning.

Having worked across Australia and with some of the best in the industry, Andy Fernandez is continuing to push the boundaries of commercial and music video production to create works of exceptional quality and style.

Start with some fun people and a good story, mix in some beautiful imagery, and he's in his element.

phone : +61 (0)423 594 350

email :

post : PO Box 486, Coogee,

         NSW, 2034, Australia